€ 12,95

The Anti Scratch Guard is a plastic anti-dirt grid that fits perfectly on the bottom of Wash Bucket and acts as a kind of filter that ensures that the dirt and grit remains on the bottom of the bucket and is not carried along with the sponge, washing glove or brush.


Every time you put your washing glove, cloth, sponge or brush through the bucket for more soapy water, you can also rub it against the Anti Scratch Guard. This way you remove the dirt that sinks to the bottom of the bucket, under the Anti Scratch Guard and unreachable for your further work.

The foot plates act as baffles and ensure that the chance of a vortex, which could bring the dirt and sand back above the grid, is reduced.


The Anti Scratch Guard separates the dirt from the water in a simple but very efficient way.
Your vehicle will get a safe wash without allowing sand and dirt to damage the paint.